Demigods and Monsters… and Josh “The Punk” Thomson

Whe1480317692_tmp_demigods_and_monsters_front_cover-600pxn I looked at rebranding my covers so that they looked like a series (newbie error!!), my husband brought up his friend Damon Gee at Knoxx Gym and said he knew some MMA fighters that might be willing to be a cover model.

My first thought was “How cool would it be to have Xan represented by a real fighter!!” But for those of you that follow MMA (UFC and BellatorMMA are the two I follow), you know that most fighters aren’t necessarily attractive.

But lookie-lookie!!

Damon was super kind and asked his friend Josh “The Punk” Thomson if he would be willing to model. Josh is AMAZING! He’s the only fighter to knock out Nate Diaz which is crazy! But what made Josh perfect is the way he is in real life. It’s his talk of the importance of lifting others on your path to success, the importance of respecting your training partners, and valuing your team. The way he moves is very much like Xan. And the fact that he is just as precise in his fighting skills as in his life skills… I suspect there will be several readers stalking Josh’s social media pages. lol

Have you met Xan? Have you read Demigods and Monsters?

What did you think?

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