Fates and Furies

Fates and Furies is the fourth and final book in The Sphinx series. I have thoroughly loved writing Hope’s story, and I’ve had a few surprises along the way. There are a couple of characters that have firmly let me know that even though Hope’s issue with Apollo is resolved, their story still needs to be told. And I have to admit, I’m not ready to close my door on this world.

So here’s what’s in the works:

When I wrote my first draft of Curse of the Sphinx (later became Cursed by the Gods), I wrote a 55k word story of Phaidra, Leto’s mother, the original Sphinx. Since then the first part has been updated, and I’ll be updating my free offer over the weekend so you can get the first of Phaidra’s stories free by signing up for my newsletter. I’ll also send a link to all my subscribers as soon as it goes live on the site. There will be a total of four stories, one from each of the following: Egypt, Thebes, London, and The States. The tentative title for the collection is Shades of Flight.

I’m also working on two new series, (already outlined and currently writing), another series that’s been outlined but writing hasn’t yet commenced. And then there are these…

**SPOILER WARNING** If you haven’t read Fates and Furies stop reading now! Then come back after you’ve finished to read the rest…

Dahlia will be getting her own book(s). Her story path veered very clearly once they got in the Underworld, and she’s got some unfinished business with Roan and Hecate!

Xan will also be getting his own book(s). I’ll be talking about this in my read along event on Saturday, but Xan was never meant to end up with Hope. He’s been constant and faithful to her the entire series, but his character arc is only beginning to be challenged. I’m so *freaking* excited to delve into his story.

So, to answer questions of WHEN!?!? At this point… I don’t have any firm dates. But I’ll definitely keep you posted.



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