#fightthedarkness #bethelight HASHTAG Challenge for a SIGNED book!

This last week has been emotional. I had several members of my beta team accept a challenge to share a time in their life that they struggled with self-esteem and how they overcame it. I cried more than once at the tender, and in some cases heart-wrenching, stories. Mostly, I was awed by the persistence, the tenacity, and the heroism that my friends have. I feel even more blessed to associate with you!

And one of my bookish besties, Lela came up with this meme. She’s super-duper talented. She asked if it would be okay to share (yes, please!), and also she wanted to do a hashtag challenge.

Here it is… with or without the meme, tag a friend and give a compliment, share a memory, build them up. Use the hashtags: #fightthedarkness #bethelight (must use them both for contest entry).

I’ll pick one person to win a SIGNED copy of any one of my published books from all the hashtag entries. You can post on FB, Twitter, and/or Instagram. You can enter as many times as you’d like (as long as you’re paying a friend a compliment as well as using both hashtags it will be a valid entry). I hope we get thousands of entries. That would make my heart so happy!

All that because… Daughter of Darkness released today! In my previous post about Dahlia’s story, I shared what an emotional experience I had writing her novelette. I was looking a Goodreads (I usually try not to, but I wanted a quote I could use in my newsletter), and I came across this…

“Dahlia’s story is an important one and I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether or not you’ve read a book in the Sphinx series. With relatable characters and a message that is sure to resonate with everyone that reads it, Daughter of Darkness is an unforgettable story that you’ll want to read over and over again.” – Megan, GR review

That was my most critical review at the time of this posting (2:19am), and it makes me all warm and fuzzy! 😉

Here’s a teaser about Daughter of Darkness… As a daughter of the goddess Eris, discord and shame are Dahlia’s constant companions. Her only companions. While she craves love and friendship — or even just a sense of belonging — those are the very things her presence destroys.

I hope you enjoy Dahlia’s heart-warming story of triumph! It’s now available on Amazon!



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