How does time warp?

Nothing to do with my writing today.  I’ve been in continuing education meetings all day yesterday and most of today.  Think freezing cold conference room in a hotel with a speaker lecturing on hepatitis serologies and need for vaccination in the immunocompromised patient who is noncompliant to antiretroviral therapy.

How is it that eight hours (one “work” day) can feel like a week?  And does your body age a week in those eight hours?  How does time warp like that?

On the flip side, I love to read, and I can read for eight hours straight, no problem.  And that can feel like only minutes, if it is a great book.

Perhaps it is a time warp… the rapidity of time passing must balance somewhere, and so, continuing education is just the place to sloowwww tiimmme doowwwnn.

I think next time, I’ll bring a book!


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