I feel like a rock star…Yep a review can do that!


It is an AWESOME thing to get a 5 star review.  Actually, as a writer, it is the THING!  I was at UtopYA this weekend (totally AMAZING-ooh look, this post is going to be brought to you today by the letter A), and in one of he sessions the moderator asked the panelists, “In one word, how do you feel when you get a 5 star review?”

AHH- FREAKING-MAZING!!  (not my word, but I wish I could claim it).

Here’s my take on it.  Amazon ranks books on sales AND reviews, so as an author we need both if we are going to be successful.  And a positive review (4 or 5 stars) gives us authors that warm, fuzzy, lovey feeling… No, actually it makes me giddy.  Giddy like a giddy thing from giddy-land on planet giddy! Like, “AHHHH! DID YOU SEE… OH MY GOSH…WOW…THIS IS….AHHHH!!!”  This is how I speak when overwhelmed, I can’t finish my sentences.

Mollie followed me on GR (probably my first follower) and when I noticed this I contacted her to solicit a R2R (read to review).  But she had already bought the novella, and she cordially agreed to review it after she had finished.  Her review on GR was quite gracious, but the review on her blog BOOKDICTIVE REVIEWS (http://bookdictivereviews.blogspot.com/) made me scream with joy and excitement.  Honestly.  I woke up the sleeping kiddos in the house.  I love sass. Sass and spunk.  I love them even more when their on my side.

Guess who will be getting an ARC of everything I write?

The power of a review?  Be it reader or reader/blogger- Reviews are our life.  They help us sell books.  They help us write books (a good review is great motivation). They help give us feedback (the constructive feedback can be painful, but is still good to hear).  AND when someone LUURRRVVVS your work…


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