How does time warp?

Nothing to do with my writing today.  I’ve been in continuing education meetings all day yesterday and most of today.  Think freezing cold conference room in a hotel with a speaker lecturing on hepatitis serologies and need for vaccination in the immunocompromised patient who is noncompliant to antiretroviral therapy.

How is it that eight hours (one “work” day) can feel like a week?  And does your body age a week in those eight hours?  How does time warp like that?

On the flip side, I love to read, and I can read for eight hours straight, no problem.  And that can feel like only minutes, if it is a great book.

Perhaps it is a time warp… the rapidity of time passing must balance somewhere, and so, continuing education is just the place to sloowwww tiimmme doowwwnn.

I think next time, I’ll bring a book!


And the reality sets in…

I had three days of high, high, HIGH!  And I’m really grateful that the release weekend went so well. Just over 1600 copies downloaded (1599 during the 3 days of promotion), amazing.  And then by yesterday afternoon I started feeling the panic of what happens next.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) will not allow you to not charge; you have to charge something, and the lowest price is $.99.  There is no way around it.  At least not what I could find.

So, here’s how I’m looking at it.  I had an excellent sprint up the first 400 meters, but the run is actually going to be several miles.  I’m telling myself it will be fine.  Fine-a-roo.  But deep down, I’m thinking… Oh poo!

I was hoping that the MAJOR effort was behind me.  But it’s not.  So, I’m sending out queries to book bloggers to review the novella.  I’m hoping that a healthy fraction of those that purchased Origin of the Sphinx will review it on Amazon and Goodreads, and like me on FB.  I’m joining more social media (something that I had successfully avoided up until a month ago), and finding more resources to help with advertising.

I’m going to have to start being more committed to my exercise, especially taekwondo.  Breathe, center myself, strike through a board.  There is something immensely gratifying about breaking something.

With some effort, and help from my friends, I’ll hopefully break through the barriers.  And one way or another, I believe it will all work out for the best.

Origin of the Sphinx on Kindle

It has been an anxious few days for me, but my novella, Origin of the Sphinx, is complete and up on Kindle.  I’ve run a promotion for the next couple of days, and it is FREE.

I had no idea what a roller-coaster this would be.  Giddy with excitement, crash to reality, frustration with process, impatience with technology, thrill of completion… up, down, up, down, up…

A friend of mine said, “we’ll wait patiently if you will…”  WHAT?

Patience is a virtue I seriously lack.  That, and balance.  Deep breath… I think I’m getting lots of opportunity to learn both.

This is just the beginning.  My goal is still to get an agent for Curse of the Sphinx and have it commercially published.

Deep breath…deep breath…