Son of War

I’m super excited to reveal the cover for Son of War, A Sphinx Companion Story. It will be available April 27th, 2017, exclusive on Amazon. You can preorder it HERE.

Xan is a fan favorite, and I adore him too. When my friend Kristin encouraged me to write a prequel story from his POV, I didn’t have to even think about it. Of course, I wanted to tell a bit more about the son of Ares.

Xan’s mother was Irish, and he spent most of his childhood with her, so I spent a lot of time reading Irish slang. It was so much fun to dip my toe into researching some of my own heritage. Whoa, can I tell you the Irish have so much profanity? Don’t worry, I keep it clean!

Another fun tidbit… I had never really thought through Xan’s last name, he was always just Xan, but he needed a last name if he was getting his own story. I found a couple surnames that I liked and had my fans help me chose one. Tierney was the winner, which I think is appropriate (it means lord/ie; royalty). Xan is such a great leader. *sigh*

Big shout out to Josh Thompson from Bellator MMA. He’s the cover model for Xan, and he really epitomizes a lot of the character of Xan (work ethic, compassion, selflessness, team spirt). What a nice serendipity that our paths crossed.

Here’s the blurb for Son of War:

Xan Tierney was raised by his father Ares to be ruthless and lethal. As a kynigόs, he spends his time eliminating monsters that prey on naïve mortals and foolish demigods. There’s no doubt he’s the best, so when the daughter of Athena asks him to let Apollo’s sons tag along on a routine hunt, he agrees. But the sons of Apollo are arrogant idiots, and what should’ve been an easy kill turns deadly.

Forced to recuperate at the conservatory, Xan is surrounded by painful memories and fresh accusations. He can’t wait until he’s well enough to leave, so he can return to hunting. Unfortunately for him, the resident demigods have their own agendas.

Xan may be the son of Ares, but his fighting skills are no match for the destiny the Fates have woven for him.

Son of War is a Sphinx Companion Story; however, it can be enjoyed independent of the series.

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