Sphinx Series Finale… Come read the series with me!!

Hey there visitor!!

Do you like reading? Do you LOVE it?? Are you a fan of Hope? Are you #teamAthan or #teamXan?

Have you ever finished a book and thought… I’d love to ask the author a question or two?

I’ve got giddy tingles of nervous anticipation because my team and I are trying something new. Like, I dreamt up a doozy, and my fingers are crossed that it’s going to be as fabulous as what I have in my head!! I think it is. And I think you’re going to love it!

I’m hosting a series read-along on Facebook, and I convinced my team to help me put together an event like I’ve never seen before.

We’ve got daily games, giveaways, contests (seriously those are all different), read along questions, scavenger hunts, and live author chats with me (inside info and all your questions answered). I’ve got close to a dozen authors that will be doing takeovers (with more giveaways), and an insider look at Utopiacon, too. AND (because that’s not enough), one of my favorite authors from Australia is in town, so we’ve got some extra crazy fun planned with Kelly St. Clare!! Woot!

HERE is the link to join the event. We kick off on Saturday, June 17th and wrap up the series July 1st.

I can’t wait for all the shenanigans. It’s going to be a blast! I hope you’ll join me!!

Oh, and if you haven’t started the series yet (perfect), Cursed by the Gods and Demigods and Monsters will be on major discount from 6/14-6/18.

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