Splintered Souls and Fates and Furies

It’s up for pre-order! I can hardly believe that Hope’s story is coming to a close. Fates and Furies is an epic conclusion, and I’m thrilled with it.

Here’s the blurb:

The Olympian gods cause nothing but chaos…

Hope escaped the Underworld with her life, but her memories are as blank as the Book of the Fates she brought back. Still determined to break the curse, she and Xan take an offering to the Olympian temple to solicit the goddess Artemis for aid. But the petition has disastrous results, and now the gods are hunting her.

Athan sacrificed everything for Hope, but she’s leaving him behind to travel with Xan to Mount Olympus. But the closer they get, the more Athan’s mortality becomes a liability. Forced to seek refuge in mists and darkness, Athan tangles with deities that weave the very threads of fate. But these goddesses also wield the immortal blades that lay ruin to destinies.

With everyone she loves damaged or destroyed by the blood of Olympus, Hope must face the power of the past to change the fate of the future…

I’m a huge fan of the Runes series, so when Ednah asked me to write a story in the world, I jumped at the opportunity. And what a story Splintered Souls turned out to be. Just over a year ago I wrote a story about the Narcos in Mexico (it was published in an anthology, and I’ll be releasing it later this year when I get my rights back). The main character in Splintered Souls comes from that world, and Aricela and Chase both have tortured histories and they are beautifully flawed characters with a story I’m thrilled with.

Here’s the blurb for Splintered Souls:

Aricela trusts no one.

At seventeen, she learned that promises are nothing more than lies, honored only by the weak or naïve.  And Aricela is no longer either.

After Narcos destroyed her innocence, they took her life, but Aricela escaped death with a new purpose. As Valkyrie, she is charged to take the souls of fallen warriors and athletes to Valhalla to await the final battle. But souls need to trust her before they’ll follow, and Aricela has no trust to give.

When collecting failures, instead of souls, draws the attention of the Norns, they give Aricela an ultimatum. If she can’t collect, she’ll be stripped of her powers and sent to Hel.

But when she meets Chase, everything changes.

Forced to face the myths of her past, Aricela will also have to decide the fate of her future.

HA! Both of my strong protagonists will have to face the past to set their future paths. Which is really a lot like life.

Finally, there’s an EPIC party happening today and tomorrow on FB to celebrate the launch of the Runes Universe. Here’s the link to join! I’ll be hosting shenanigans on Wednesday, 4/19/17 at 3:30pm Eastern.

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