The BIGGEST book-release party EVER!! Come jointhe8!


I love doing Facebook parties. I think it’s such a great way for authors and fans to come together and chat books, play games, and do fun giveaways. ALL good things, right?

My good friend, and fell author, Kelly St. Clare and I were talking about our upcoming releases and we had an idea. A crazy, brilliant, idea. And with of a few of our friends (and fellow authors) we came up with #jointhe8. It’s more than just a release party. Although there is that, too. The website has a list of our featured authors, and their upcoming releases. There’s Elise Kova, Siobhan Davis, Norma Hinkens, Joanne Wadsworth, J.L. Weil, Holly Hook, and me! If you check out the site, you’ll see that all of us are giving away freebies for joining our newsletters. There’s a kindle fire giveaway, and the big FB event is tomorrow!!

I hope you’ll take a bit of time out of your day to come join us. I’ve got several one of a kind giveaways (Xan inspired tank top, Charon inspired bracelet), and there is a massive first-in-first giveaway at the end, as well as a grand prize giveaway of signed books by each of us!

Come!! Join the 8!!

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