The Sphinx #4 Update- Fates and Furies and other writing news…

I’ve been deep in the writing cave the last couple of weeks finishing the draft of book 4 in the Sphinx series. I’ve played with lots of titles, but with everything happening with Hope, Athan, and Xan, I’m really loving Fates and Furies.

However, the questions I get most have less to do with the title, and more to do with the release date. That being said, I’m hesitant to announce a date until I know that the draft I’ve submitted to the editor isn’t going to have any major revisions. But just so we’re all on the same page: I’m expecting to announce a release date by late March, and if there are no major revisions, I’ll release Fates and Furies in June 2017.

As for other writing projects… I have quite a few!

Xan is a fan-favorite, and I had an opportunity to write a short prequel story from his point of view in December. Son of War will be released sometime before June. I’m working with my marketing partner to pursue the best route for publication of this short story.

I also got the rights back on a short story titled, Narcos. This is more contemporary political thriller, and it’s very different fare than my Sphinx series. I’m debating expanding it, but I may leave as is, and just have it formatted and release it soon.

And I’m working on a super secret project, too! Hint, it’s another short story. I’ll be announcing info on it in the next couple of weeks.

Finally, I’ve got a draft of Legends of the Sphinx that is sitting on my hard drive that I’ve decided needs to be shared. It’s going to need a bit of polish, but the story of Phaidra (the original Sphinx) is a beautiful tale of self-acceptance, redemption, and mostly love.

So much good stuff that I can’t wait to share!

And now back to my cave so I can get some stories out to you!

Happy reading!


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