"The conclusion of The Darkest Drae series, “Black Crown” is amazing and well worth the read. It had me on pins and needles and the ending is so full of emotion. Betrayal, love, family, heartache, devastation, and new beginnings are emotions and experiences you will feel throughout the book along with the characters. "

Jeaner5, Amazon Reviewer

I will not be ruled by fear.

A depraved emperor. A wasted realm. A dying race.

With Tyrrik by my side, I’ll lead the charge to remedy it all.

After discovering the rightful heir to the Phaetyn, an alliance with the healers should be easy as pancakes. But while the armies of Verald and Gemond march to the border for war, the emperor delivers a crushing blow that threatens to put everything at risk.

As I fight my father’s staggering power, I’m compelled to face evil on his terms. A twisted darkness worse than anything I’ve experienced. Nothing could’ve prepared me for this.

How far would you go to defeat a merciless sovereign?

I’ll lie to the liars. I’ll betray the betrayers. I’ll kill the killers.

I will conquer my fear.

If you love dark fantasy, you'll be captivated by The Darkest Drae. With pulse-pounding action, witty humor, and slow-burn romance you’ll fall in love with dragons like you’ve never seen before.

"This series is one the most pleasant surprises I’ve gotten from Kindle Unlimited. Though, with Kelly St. Clare and Raye Wagner involved I shouldn’t be surprised!"

Jess & Teagan, FictionNoChasers