Blood Oath: The Darkest Drae Book 1

Dragons. Dark Fantasy. Intrigue. Romance.

Ooo, I love this book. I love these characters. I love this story!!

There is so much I could say in this post. But instead of talking about Ryn, Irrik, Dyter, Irdelron, Ty, and Tyr (and so many more!!) I’ll tell you how Blood Oath came to be.

I was complaining to my husband about shifter stories and how I couldn’t seem to come up with the plot for one. It seemed like all the authors I knew who were making good money were writing shifter romance. As my friend, Ednah would say, Le sigh.

And the next day I had an idea. A brilliant idea about a dragon shifter fantasy!

I jotted down notes and talked with my editor (Krystal Wade) who told me she wouldn’t even look at the manuscript until I finished writing The Sphinx Series. I grumbled for a bit and sat on the dragon story while I finished battling Olympians and monsters.

I’d written about 25k words of the first draft when Kelly St. Clare came to Nashville for Utopia in June. She stayed at my house and we visited. I’d already read several of her books and was a bit of a fan (big fan, actually). Utopia was a blast and during the conference I decided I wanted to co-write with Kelly. I thought about her fabulous world building and her talent for romantic tension. She is great at developing characters, too. So I cornered her and told her my story about a girl (Ryn) caught by the Drae (Irrik) who’d sworn a blood oath to the wicked king of Verald.

She seemed interested, but when I asked if she wanted to help me write it, she didn’t immediately jump at the chance. Instead, she asked to read the manuscript (she later said it was to see if she could insert her Kelly flair). I thought she was having a looksee to assess the quality of the story.

She messaged me right after she landed that she wanted in. I had a celebratory dance (in my kitchen by myself) and we started the process of co-writing. She edited and added to the 25k until it was 35k, and that was after she cut out a couple torture scenes (I wrote the disgusting bug-scene, yes) and added world-building and the aforementioned Kelly-flair. After that we alternated writing chapters. Each of us touched every scene of the entire book.

I know not all co-writing goes that way, but Blood Oath and Shadow Wings have been written by both of us, and we’ll do the same for Black Crown. It’s been a pleasure to write with Kelly. I’m going to have to corner her again about another story idea… Shh. Don’t tell her.

Have you read Blood Oath? If so, what did you think?

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